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Fascia, Soffit and Guttering Replacement

We supply and fit a wide range of roofline products in all styles and colours to match your windows and doors perfectly.

Fascia and soffit replacement

White fascia soffit, black round guttering replacement

Fascia replacement – Why should I replace it?

So, in summary, why should we replace the fascia boards?

  • Wood rot – water splashing up from the gutter and being driven in from inclement weather
  • Difficult to protect/paint the fascia properly without removing the guttering
  • Wooden, painted fascias require regular maintenance
  • A chance to rectify perished sarking felt at the same time
  • An opportunity to install effective hidden ventilation for the eaves
  • Cost of scaffolding – expensive to erect safe access equipment

There are a number of things to consider when you replace your fascia boards. It may be that you have had enough of getting them painted or perhaps they have started to rot? If they have started to rot, it is important to also make sure that the rafters behind them are treated and if necessary, the rafter ends are also replaced.

Often, in our experience, it’s the top edge of the fascia board that starts to rot first – and often this can go unnoticed. This can be because this part of the fascia has not been maintained well because either the guttering hasn’t been removed prior to painting and/or the tiles haven’t been pushed back to make the top of the fascia accessible to maintain.

After a number of years, the roofing felt becomes perished by the weather and this in turn can cause the water to sit on the top edge of the unpainted fascia. One of the things that can cause this is the ‘Coandă effect’. This is when the rainwater running down the tiles can ‘stick’ to the underside of the ‘end tile’ as it runs off the roof. This in turn can cause the rainwater to rest on the top edge of the fascia. Another cause can be the water being blown horizontally in inclement weather and/or splashing back from the guttering.

Replacing the fascia boards with a UPVC product is a very worthwhile consideration as being impervious to water, there is no need to worry about the fascia board for any of the reasons above once it has been fitted. However, replacing the fascia and soffits with UPVC alone, wont address the perished sarking felt. We achieve this by using our eaves protection system. This enduring product is slid under the sarking felt and dresses over the top edge of the fascia board. Another benefit of the eaves protection tray is that it has a rigid drip edge to help ensure that rainwater running off the roof and driving rain doesn’t get behind the guttering. The Fascia Division highly recommend that eaves protection boards are fitted at the same time as your replacement fascias. Of course an alternative to this would be to remove the last few rows of tiles and then replace the sarking felt itself, however one of the benefits of our eaves protection system is that it also offers vital support to the sarking felt which prevents it from sagging.

In most cases, there is a need to ventilate the roofline to help prevent condensation. Ventilating the roofline is something that can be done at the same time as replacing the fascia board. The Fascia Division use an over fascia ventilation system which can provide an excellent means of ventilating the roofline. An additional benefit with our recommended system is that it can inconspicuously replace vent discs and other unsightly means of ventilation. The replacement fascia can be trimmed in height to allow for an over fascia ventilation strip to be added. The Fascia Division provide two systems which can comply with latest building regulations. A standard system that provide a 10mm air gap and a system that provides a 25mm air gap. The latter is generally used in flat roofs or very shallow pitched roofs.

‘Cost’ is a key issue to consider when replacing fascias. The repetitive process of painting the fascia’s and gaining access to the roofline is in the long term far more expensive than the cost of erecting scaffolding once to replace the fascia with a maintenance free product such as UPVC. One major benefit of using The Fascia Division to carry out this work for you is we can largely access the works by using our own scaffolding which can save a small fortune in hiring the services of a scaffolding company. Scaffolding costs can be anything from a few hundred pounds for a relatively small area to more than a thousand pounds to scaffold a whole house. The Fascia Division own the latest modular scaffolding equipment which with correct training provides a safe work platform that can be erected quickly and easily. When weighing up the cost of the new material and a specialist company to install it, versus costly access equipment and labour to revisit painting it every few years it is easy to see a strong compelling argument to replace the fascia boards once and properly.

Once installed, UPVC only requires periodic cleaning which can be achieved using long reach cleaning equipment from the ground.

Of course when considering replacing the Fascias it is highly recommended to also change the soffits and guttering if required. For more information on the colours and styles available visit our fascias, soffits and guttering page.

Fascia, soffit and guttering replacement cost

We have prepared a cost guide here for replacing the Fascias Soffits and Guttering together with the other products we have talked about such as over fascia ventilation and eaves protection. However it is possible for us to quote to just change the Fascia and refit the existing guttering if required. It should be noted that in the case of refitting UPVC guttering and the cost to carefully dismantle it and then refit it, there is a strong case to replace it rather than refit it. Issues such as perished rubber seals, the cosmetic effect of new versus old and the relatively low cost of the UPVC guttering itself are issues to consider.

Fascia, soffit and guttering replacement cost guide

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We offer a wide range of Roofline products in all colours and styles

Our colour matching service enables you to have any RAL colour you like. Please contact us for more details.

Standard and ogee fascia boards

Our replacement fascia board makes an attractive improvement to any home. Ogee fascia board gives the look of your home a more decorative appearance.

Standard fascia board
Ogee fascia board

Soffit board styles

We supply and fit Flat soffit, tongue and groove, or pre-vented soffit all of which are fully compatible with our fascia systems for an exact colour-match.

Plain soffit / flat soffit

Tongue and groove soffit

Fascias and soffits colour choices

In addition to traditional white UPVC, our UPVC fascia and soffit boards are available in a wide range of woodgrains and colours. Woodgrain enables you to match your roofline with your existing windows and doors.
  • White

  • Rosewood

  • Black Ash

  • Irish Oak

  • Golden Oak

  • Anthracite

  • White Ash

  • Cream

  • * Ral Colour

* UPVC colour coating - Ral colours are available at an extra cost. Please contact us for more details.

UPVC guttering profiles

Square Guttering Square guttering

Half round Guttering Round guttering

Ogee Guttering Ogee guttering

Deep flow guttering Deep round guttering

Standard UPVC guttering colour guide

  • White

  • Black

  • Anthracite

  • Brown

  • * Clay Brown

  • ** Grey

  • *** Ral Colour

* Clay Brown only available in ogee guttering.
** Grey only available in half-round guttering.
*** UPVC colour coating - Ral colours are available at an extra cost. Please contact us for more details.

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